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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Got Mass Effect 3 recently

Here is another thing worth posting about:  I got Mass Effect 3 lately and beat the game once as a paragon character.  I will post more about this game later.  By the way, here is a trailer for it you are curious about Mass Effect 3

Game features that you might like:
- Epic finale to the Mass Effect series
- The reapers have arrived and chaos ensues and Shepard (who was temporarily suspended after the events of Mass Effect 2) is called upon once again to save earth and the galaxy from extinction at the hands of the reapers (who launch a genocidal war against all races).
- New multiplayer mode (these didn't exist in the first two games in the series) where you team up with other players and battle hordes of enemies across the galaxy, including reapers, Cerberus (they officially become villians in the 3rd game), and geth
- Lots of story and fateful decisions to make (btw, if you played mass effects 1 and 2, some of your decisions and consequences will carry over to Mass Effect 3, for example if squad members die in the other 2 installments, they don't return in Mass Effect 3). 
- Romance storylines - Shepard can have relationships with other squad members.  Also, it appears that if you had 2 different romance partners from the previous 2 games, they will get jealous, which is kind of funny.
- There are multiple possible endings in the game (both good and bad).

I will talk more about Mass Effect 3 later.   By the way, have you played Mass Effect 3 yet?  If so, what are your experiences?  By the way, if you are new to the Mass Effect series, I recommend playing ME 1 and ME 2 first since not only do you get the full back story, but you have more control over what happens in Mass Effect 3 (otherwise major decisions from the first 2 games will be made for you).

Been playing through Castlevania Harmony of Despair lately

Hey guys, sorry it has been a while since posting last (btw, this is not the only blog I have as I have several other ones as well, both here on Blogspot as well as a blog at Instant Blog Subscribers).  Anyways, I recently got the full version of the game, Castlevania Harmon of Despair and it is definitely a classic in my opinion.

I am actually currently on level 6 in the game (technically the last level of the game unless if you have the DLC levels), and I do have to admit that it is pretty fun and challenging too.  Currently, I've been playing through the game as Shamoa (a female mage), though I will probably play through as other characters as well over time.  The game is pretty fun and is defintely a must for Castlevania fans (especially if you enjoyed titles like Symphony of the Night, Dawn of Sorrow, Portriat of Ruin and Order of Eclessia). 

Cool features in Harmony of Despair:
  • 6 levels long (though there are 5 DLC levels that you can add too, for much longer gameplay)
  • Multiple players to choose from, such as Shamoa, Soma, Alucard, Jonathan, Charlotte, as well as other castlevania characters (some can even be downloaded too, like Richter and Simon Belmont)
  • Huge boss fights (especially on levels 2 and 3), by the way, they do get progressively more challengeing as you go along, especially on the battles against Death and later Dracula)
  • Has both single player and multiplayer mode
  • Lots of power ups and treasure chests.
I will post more detailed review about this game later, but I am definitely a fan so far.  By the way, if you are struggling on the single player mode, I recommend trying the multiplayer mode as it is usually easier on multiplayer mode (especially when you have a bunch of people in your party).