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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Found out that one of my videos on youtube was rejected for "inappropriate content"

You know, I wasn't expecting this today.  I was checking my videos on youtube today, and noticed that my video, "Sims 2 PSP 1: Misadventures of my sim 1" was rejected for "inappropriate content".  The odd thing was is that I don't remember doing anything wrong with the video.  In the video, I was playing Sims 2 for the PSP, and decided to be funny with my character, such as having him get scared by the 2 ghosts roaming the house he is in, as well as having him become a ghost as well (in the PSP version, when your sim dies, he/she automatically becomes a ghost and you can control him), and apparently someone did not like that and my video was removed.  I tell you, some people can be very up tight about things on sites like Youtube.  By the way, has something like this happened to you before?  I still have several other videos from my games on youtube, including one where my sims get abducted by aliens at

Other comments:
You know the game play video I posted from Sims 2 for PSP is pretty mild content wise (no blood, gore, etc), and if they are going to remove that video, I wonder if they are going to go after other types of game play videos too, such as deathmatches on Call of Duty Black ops, going on rampages in games like Grand Theft Auto 4, and other games where characters "die"?  I tell you, some times social media sites can be very rigid about what you can post, especially whenever you get some wiered policies as well as the troll types lurking around (you know, the people that like to write inflamatory comments about what you post, do "false flagging", etc).