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Information about myself Ryan Saunders Jones

Hello, My name is Ryan Saunders Jones.  I am 30 years old and currently live in Snohomish, Washington.  I have been a video gamer ever since I was a kid and have played all sorts of different kinds of video games on many different game systems and in this blog I thought that I would share my video game related experience, offer game reviews based on the games I have played, talk about games coming out, as well as other video game related topics.  Besides doing video games, I am also a blogger, webmaster and affiliate marketer (with my primary affiliates for this blog being Amazon.com, Tiger Direct, and Walmart).  By the way, I do have several other blogs in addition to this one, including:
1. An Animal Videos blog at http://rjanimalvideos.blogspot.com - this blog talks about the latest viral videos on youtube and similar video sharing sites and offers commentaries too.  Sometimes I will share my own videos too (by the way, if you have videos to share, feel free to let me know as I am always looking for contributions).
2. A husky videos blog at http://www.huskyvideosblog.ws (similar to the animal videos blog, but focuses more on huskies and malamutes).
3. You can also visit my official business blog on Empower Network at http://linkprosperity.com/ryansaundersjonesblog
4. Store Demos blog at http://rjstoredemos.blogspot.com

Besides electronics and gaming, I also work 3 part time jobs (Kohl's, Snohomish Publishing, and Advantage Sales and Marketing), though I am also looking for full time work.  I also have 2 dogs (a golden retriever and a bichon frise shizu), though I am considering getting a siberian husky someday too (though probably not any time soon).

Hobbies of mine includes:

1. Video games (especially xbox 360)
2. Going to trade shows like the Emerald City Comic Con
3. Living alewith pets
4. Going on road trips
5. Going to Church on Sundays
6. Sports (like Softball, Golf, Track and Field, and Football)
7. Going to the zoo and seeing animals
8. Golf
9. Going to the beach
10. Visiting the high desert in Eastern Washington
and many others.

My History as a gamer

Technically I started gaming when I was 4 years old (had a friend that had an atari), though the first official game system I had was the classic NES.  Yes, when I was a kid, the Nintendo was a hit and there were plenty of games I remember playing, including:
1. Super Mario Bros (the original one) - This was also the first game that I played through that was many levels long and had bosses too (bowser).  I often remember going to friends houses and planing this game with them.
2. Super Mario Bros 3 (this was probably one of my favorite Mario games, along with Super Mario World and now New Super Mario Bros Wii).
3. Mega Mans 2, 3, and 4 - I don't have much memory of playing Mega Man 1, but I do have fresh memories of playing through these games, especially Mega Mans 2 and 3.
4. Contra
5. Battletoads (original one).  This game was probably one of the hardest games I've played though though eventually I did beat the game (though I definitely could not beat the game without using Game Genie), though it did take a long time to go from end to end as the game sure gets difficult fast (boy if you thought that Turbo Tunnel in level 3 was hard, that is just the beginning as the game is 12 levels long with each level getting progressively harder).  Though it was kind of humorous and fun to play through (especially playing as 2 players as you can either work together or get into duels).
6. Duck hunt
7. The original Metroid
8. Duck Tales (I remember that show was a huge hit when I was a kid)
9. The Ninja Turtles Arcade game (the game was almos exactly like the games you would see in an arcade, expcept that it was significantly longer and tougher too especially when you only have 3 continues).
10 . Rescue Rangers, and many others

After the NES days, I also had the following systems:

1. Sega Geneis.  I also eventually got the Sega CD and 32x add ons as well.  My favorite games were probably Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (especially with the Sonic and Knuckles add on), Aladdin, Gun Star Heroes, Alien Solider, Tom Cat Alley, Sonic CD, and Contra Hard Corps.
2. Nintendo 64 - I didn't get a Nintendo 64 until my college years (not long before it was replaced by the Sega Dreamcast and later the Sony Playstation, Xbox and Gamecube), but it was definitely one of the first next generation game systems I've played.  My favorites were probably Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Vigilante 8 (who else thought that game was legit?  It was pretty fun driving around and shooting at other cars), Castlevania 64, Star Wars Shadows of the Empire and Golden Eye
3. Sega Dreamcast - as short-lived as the Sega Dreamcast was, the graphics were definitely superior to the Nintendo 64, and had plenty of fun games including the first 2 sonic adventure games, Marvel vs Capcom, Powerstone, House of the Dead (which is also a hit in arcades), Crazy Taxi, and Ghost Recon
4. Xbox - I even got to playtest at least one of the games before it came out (NFL fever).
5. Playstations 1 and 2 - My favorite games includes: Castlevania Symphony of the night, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, Metal Slug anthology, and Mega Man X4-x6 (my favorite was probably Mega Man X4).
6. Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii - I tend to find myself playing Xbox 360 more than Nintendo Wii).
7. I have also had several handheld game systems, including Sega Game Gear, Gameboy Advance and now the Gameboy 3DS system.
I also had an emulator version of the Super Nintendo for a while (during my college career) so got to play some of the super nintedo games like Mega Man X1-X3, Mega man 7, Super Mario World, Power Rangers the movie (probably the best power rangers game in my opinion), Star Fox, Castlevania 4, Castlevania Dracula X (probably one of my favorite Castlevania games ever, though my favorite so far is probably Harmony of Despair as well as Dawn of Sorrow), and Contra 3.

(more info about me will be added over time)

Want to connect with me?
1. Friend me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ryansjones
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3. Visit my general blog on Empower Network at http://linkprosperity.com/ryansaundersjonesblog
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5. Visit my channel on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/ryansjones
6. Visit my other blogs here at Blogspot at http://www.blogger.com/profile/17045777235193899489 (note I haven't updated my busniness blog nor the ebook reviews blog in a while.

That is all for now?

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Ryan Jones
Webmaster / blogger
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