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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Changes coming to my posting activity level

Hey guys, I thought that I would make a quick update about adding new posts to this site (btw I am posting similar posts on my other blogs too, particularly the Animal videos blog and the empower network bog I have).  Basically, I have some good news and bad news for you all.  Note: this post will be off topic for the moment.

The good news is:
I am going new part time job that could eventually replace my job at Kohls.  I am going for a position with an outsourced company of Microsoft called Tech Mahindra.  Basically if I get the job, I will be working with he Bing search engine as a human relevance system (hrs) associate.  In this new position, I would basically be helping to look up and rate websites for the Bing search engine team.  Obviously, for  confidentiallity reasons, (I don't think they would appreciate it if I talk about how the job works and how it relates to sites ranking on bing) I can't get into all of  the details about my new job (other than basically looking up websites and evaluating them) but basically I will be doing that on a part time basis, which would be in addition to the 3 other jobs I have (Snohomish Publishing, Kohl's, and Advantage Sales and Marketing).  I will usually Mon-Friday 9:30 am to 1:30 pm (except Thursdays due to working at Kohl's those days), and might eventually replace my job at Kohl's if all goes well.  I don't officially have the job yet, as here is a class I have to take as well as a test to pass at the end before getting the job (though I might have the job officially by next week sometime as of this posting).

The bad news is: 
Obviously, my free time is going to be dropping significantly.  It has actually dropped quite significantly over the last few months anyways in part due to my mother breaking her leg back in December (she tripped down some stairs and broke her ankle that way) and have been having devote some of my time to help take care of her while she recovers.  Now, with this new job coming up, my free time will be dropping significantly more.  Below is my tentative weekly schdedule till further notice.  Note: if this new job doesn't go through my schedule will revert back to how it was.

Mon - Friday (except on days where I am working at Kohl's)
9:30 - 1:30p: Working at Microsoft
1:30 - 3:30: Free (though I still have to drive back from Redmond).  May try to get a work out in.
3:30 - 7:00: work at Snohomish Publishing (job number 2)
after 7:00 pm: free.  Note: on Tuesday nights I usually have bible study to go to after working at Snohomish Publishing and on Wednesday nights I help with Awana (an organization affiliated with my church, somewhat similar to cub scouts in a way)

Thursdays (or whenever I work at Kohls)
8am - 12 p - work at Kohls
rest of the day (same with other days)

Free (except on days when I am doing a demo for Advantage Sales and Marketing)

8a-10a: free
10:45-12:30 - church
12:30 - night Free (except on days where I am doing a demo).

So, that is what the schedule looks like.  Obviously with less free time, it will be harder devote my time to blogging. Hey if I was either earning more ad revenue from blogs from the affiliate ads (such as Walmart, Amazon, etc) I am hosting or getting better hours at my existing jobs, especially Kohl's where I am only averaging one 4 hour shift each week there, I wouldn't need the extra jobs and could devote more time to blogging.  But circumstances have forced me to make the change.  I will try to add new posts whenever I get around to it, but for now, I will be limited these next few months.  Of course, if any of you are interested, feel free to help contribute to this site.