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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Emerald City Comic Con 2015 Slideshow

Yesterday, I went to the Emerald City Comic con and decided to create a slideshow from the pictures I took.  Here is the video below:
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I definitely had a blast yesterday at comic con.  I went with my brother Justin yesterday and got there about 10:30ish and was there all day, till about 10:30 pm.  This time around, I mainly sat in on the panels discussion, though I did wander around on several occasions as well.

This time around, I did some cosplaying myself and dressed up as Nick Fury from the Avengers.

Show highlights at the show includes:

1. Anthony Daniels panel discussion
Picture of Anthony Daniels (source: http://totalgame.es/star-wars-7-ya-tiene-titulo/).  I got a picture of him too, but I was in the back and it was hard to get a good picture of him.
Obviously, if you have seen any of the Star Wars Movies, you should be familiar with C3PO and Anthony Daniels is the actor who played the droid.  He has definitely had an interesting career playing C-3PO considering that he was not only in the original trilogy, but he also served in the Prequel trilogy and the upcoming sequel trilogy as well.  He even reprised his role in Clone Wars, Star Wars rebels and other Star Wars media featuring C3P0 (see http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000355/ for Anthony Daniels' information on IMDB).  His panel was just starting when I got there and sadly I got there late (got lost trying to find his panel as the comic con's convention center layout was changed since last year).  I did have at least one question for him, but I didn't really get a chance to ask it, but my question would have been: "which trilogy did you like working with and why".

Other notes about the comic con

- Star Trek Improv
This one was fun to watch.  Back in 2013 a similar "Star Trek Crew" did a similar improv where they do a lengthy play based on an episode of the show that the audience helps to create.  This year, the audience picked "Candy Land" the planet the crew landed on with the people made of chocolate (which made some of the crew members like Uhra hungry) and the crew was on a diplomatic mission to work with the people of candy land.  Pretty funny improv to watch.  Last time I saw the play, the crew went to a planet called the "Kardashians" (some of the audience were Kardashian fans) and the people of the planet were worshiping "apple pies" and was funny to watch too.
- Geek Career panel
This is an interesting panel to watch for people looking to get "nerdy type" careers (such as working for companies like Nintendo and microsoft.   Considering that I am looking for work myself (hey if this blog was generating alot more ad revenue than it, say at least $100 per day or more, then it is I wouldn't need to find a new job, but unless that happens, I will scouting for jobs), I decided to attend the panel and get some tips
- Marina Sirtis panel
This is what Marina Sirtis looked like in Star Trek Next generation (back in the 1990's)

Picture of Marina Sirtis.  She definitely looks older than she did in Star Trek Next Generation
This panel is definitely a must watch one for those who watched Star Trek Next generation.  By the way, John De Luce (aka Q) was at the comic con last year and I saw that panel too.  Interestingly, Patrick Stewart was there too last year, but I didn't see him (I think he did his panel on Sunday and I was only there on Saturday).  I remember my family usually watched TNG back when it was on during the 1990's and even saw the movies too when they came out (Generations, First Contact, and Nemesis) along with Star Trek Voyager, which became the official successor to Star Trek Next Generation. 

- Clark Gregg Panel
Picture of Clark Gregg of the Comic Con (image source seattlepi.com)
This was definitely a "must see" panel in my opinion.  In case if you do not know, Clark is best known for his role of Agent Coulson from Thor, Iron Man 2, Agengers, and now Agents of Shield (he was "killed off" on the Avengers by Loki, but was resurrected by Nick Fury in the Agents of Shield storyline).  I actually meant to get to this panel earlier and get a closer seat, but the time of the panel was changed and I was unaware of the change until my brother texted me about the changed time (it was originally going to be on at 6 pm, but it was changed to 5 pm, right after Marina Sirtis' panel).  Had I known better, I probably would have just stayed in the Main Hall (where the Marina's and Clark's panels were held) and gone to Clark's panel alot earlier than I did.  Sadly, I was late and and was forced to stand in the back of the room, so I didn't get a real good view or photo of him.

- Steampunk Murder mystery.  This was an interesting mystery where these actors were acting out a seance and one character seemed to have died during the event (probably a good reason not to dabble in the occult such as doing seances, ouija boards, considering that demons can and do come through and cause all kinds of trouble for people doing those practices, not that I have witnessed that first hand but I do hear stories like that when people do those things, though I am assuming that the characters were just acting it out).  Anyways, after a character is killed off, it is up to the audience to help solve the mystery.  By the way, there was a huge line for the Steampunk murder mystery and I barerly made it to the event since I was near the back of the line (which was pretty much the waiting list portion of the line should there be extra seating available or somone leaves early, which some people did by the way) and I am sure some people were turned away after me.  I meant to stay for the whole mystery, but it went till 9 and overlapped with the costume contest (which started at 8 and my brother was at it) and I wasn't sure how long the costume contest was supposed to go on, and so I had to choose between the 2, so I don't really know how the murder mystery ended of if they did any actual seances (will have to scour the web for how it ended).

- Costume contest
As if you don't get enough cosplayers to see and get photos of at the comic con, there is a costume contest towards the end where contestants can show off their costumes and compete for prizes (with the grand prize being a $1000 check, which is awarded to the grand prize winner) and is hosted by a guy who is dressed up as the Riddler from Batman and has a lady dressed up as Harley Quinn as his personal assistant in the contest.  In the end, a gargoyle character from World of War Craft won.  I kind of wanted to compete, but it was my first time cosplaying and plus there were several other people dressed up as Nick Fury as well at the comic con.
Me as "Nick Fury" watching the costume contest
Interestingly during the contest, people dressed up as the Penguin and Catwoman walked around looking for extra potiential candidates (even if they did not register for the contest) to call up and while I thought I could have been picked, I did not, so I just enjoyed the contest.
Other highlights of the show:
- Checked out the "Bridge" similator (where people can try their hand as "captains" of the Star Trek Enterprise in a simulated adventure)
- Visited the arcade
- Saw the Star Wars Exhibit
- Checked out the lego displays (some people definitely have talent with legos).
- An many others.

Well that is all for now.  If any of you have been to the comic con, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section.

Tentative Plans for next year's emerald city comic con (subject to change of course):

According to the Emerald City Comic Con publication, next year, the comic con is supposed to run from April 8-10.  Tentatively I am planning to go to that event too, unless if something comes up between now and then.  By the way, I do have a few ideas on what I can do next year.  I have 2 ideas in my head right now.  Considering that next year is when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot is supposed to be aired (currently set for July 22, 2016, according to IMDB), i am thinking about doing something along those lines.

Scenario 1: Dress up as a Power Ranger.  I have to admit that I have been watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series on Netflix (currently on the 3rd season) and I could either go alone as a ranger or invite 5 or 6 people to dress up with me (including at least 2 girls) and go as power rangers.  Not sure which color I would be (probably either red or blue) but that would probably be cool.  I saw some people dressed up as rangers yesterday, but they left early, so I wasn't able to get any pictures of them (interestingly, the guys were unmasked most of the time too).  A few downsides to this option: it would be a very elaborate and probably costume to make (not sure where or how I would get the items needed, such as helmet, uniform, gloves, etc), it is a pretty cliche type of costume (considering there will probably be others dressed up as rangers) and finding 6 people go go with me (including 2 girls) could be easier said than done (though I do have some friends that have expressed interest in going to a comic con event possibly next year sometime).  Any volunteers by the way?
Random people dressed up as power rangers.  I could probably dress up as the Blue or Red Ranger (source https://www.flickr.com/photos/exia93/galleries/72157624818225575)

Scenario 2: you know what might be funner to do: teaming up with one other person, possibly my brother Justin (though somehow I don't quite seeing him fitting the role) and dressing up as Bulk and Skull.  I could probably dress up as Bulk considering that I am overweight as it is and then get someone to dress up as Skull
Random Picture of Bulk and Skull from MMPR (source: amy-amy.com), I would probably play as Bulk if I went as Bulk and Skull considering that I am overweight myself and kind of relate to Bulk in some ways.
This costume might be a little bit easier to put together and a bit more creative too.  I could put together a punk outfit and play Bulk.  Of course, I would have to find someone willing to play as Skull (any volunteers?  Preferably another guy to look more authentic).  Not sure if I would grow my hair out (considering that Bulk had a pony tail in some of the episodes) or get a buzz cut.  I could also get police officer clothing too (considering they were dressed up as police officers in both season 3 and power rangers zeo.  If I did go as a power rangers character, this option would be more likely.  Of course, I am sure I will get other ideas as next year's event gets closer, but those are the ideas I have so far.  Or I could go as Nick Fury again too, but most people don't wear the same costume year after year, so something different would be nice.  Other ideas includes: dressing up as a pirate, going as Batman (Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice is supposed to come out next year too), or even Count Dracula.

That is all for now.  Feel free to like and share this post.  Feel free to share your comments if you would like too.