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Friday, November 8, 2013

Xbox One commercial on IGN

Well, the next generation of game systems is almost here (a first since the debut of the xbox 360, Nintendo WII and the PS3 back in 2005).  Now in 2013 (about 8 years later), the next generation of game systems is finally here.  Nintendo has the Wii U (which is their official successor to the Wii) along with the Nintendo 3DS which is an upgraded version of the Nintendo DS.  Sony is currently developing the Playstation 4 and Microsoft is about to release the Xbox One to the public (which is their latest game system).  As an Xbox 360 fan and owner myself, I think it is fitting to share a trailer of the Xbox one posted by IGN on Youtube.

Commentary about the video:
The Xbox One looks pretty awesome at the first glance and seems to have the built in Kinect sensor too.  I am not sure when the new system will debut (though I bet it should be released in time for the holidays this year) but it looks pretty awesome.  I want to get an Xbox one myself, though I will probably do it when I have the extra money for it.

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