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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What would happen if video game villians won? Top 20 villian scenarios part 1

Hey everybody, it is me again.  Have you seen the latest Thor movie yet?  I just saw it on Sunday myself.  Anyways, just thinking about superheroes, have you ever wondered what would happen if the villians were to win somehow?  For example, like in the youtube video above, Mario always manages to defeat Bowser.  Of course, they always make it look easy to defeat a villain.  However have you ever wondered what might happen if the villians were to win in the end?  In the next few posts, I will talk about several scenarios of what might happen if video game villians were to win.  Note: this article is too long to do in one post and so I will break it up into 4 different posts.  Here we go.  These scenarios are based on pure speculation and based on the patterns are in the games and movies and may or may not be accurate, but they are my best guess.

Scenario 1: Mr Burns in Simpsons Road Rage

As you can see in the video above, Mr Burns taunts the players after each drive through in Simpsons Road Rage.  Mr Burns is definitely a character.  He is Homer Simpson's boss at the power plant and often seems to be a villain in the simpsons games and in Simpsons Road Rage, he basically wants to force citizens out of their cars and ride radioactive busses.  Homer and gang's plan to stop Mr Burns is to become taxi drivers themselves (pretty similar to how it is in Crazy Taxi) and raise several million dollars to buy and shut down the mass transit system.  Of course, doing so can definitely be easier said than done as $1,000,000 is a lot of money to raise, plus driving people around in a timely fashion can be tricky too (especially the impatient characters).  Anyways, do you ever wondered what would happen if Mr Burns had his way? Here are some pros and cons to his ambitions

- Busses and similar mass transit options do offer alternatives to cars (especially locals)
- Roads are getting more and more congested every day (with more and more people out on the road, especially in cities) and not enough is being done by local governements to fix the problem.  Sure, the local department transportaions do have plans to improve the roads and help ease congestion, but the sluggish bureaucratic process can cause projects to take decades if not centuries to complete.  Even here in the Seattle area there are many projects planned by the government to help improve the roads (such as the Alaskan way viaduct tunnel replacement, adding more lanes on 5, 405 and 90, extending the 509 freeway, upgrading 522 between Maltby and Monroe, etc).  Of course, who knows when any of those project will get done and traffic congestion will probably continue to build in the mean time. I am sure the traffic situation is worse elsewhere too (especially bigger cities like Los Angeles and New York where some of the freeways can get pretty congested all of the time).  Obviously traffic is not going to get better any time soon.
-  Curbs aggressive driving and road rage.  Obviously you never know when you will encounter an aggressive driver on the road (such as people that speed up behind you and start tailgating you like crazy even if you are going the speed limit) and I have observed that some drivers look like they have short fuses and are likely to "explode" when some unlucky driver gets in their way or the road gets unusually slow.
- can be a good way to socialize too

So, I can see where Mr Burns is coming from in his bus industry.  Of course we do have some drawbacks:
- The busses seem to be radioactive and cause harmful side effects (at least in the opening sequence of the game).  Obviously most people are not going to face radiation sickness after riding the bus, which would be inevitable if Mr Burns had his way (unless if he fixed the busses).
- Obviously it does cost money to ride the bus
- When commuting from outlying areas sometimes it is easier more convenient to drive than to ride the bus.
- Seem like there could be long lines at the bus stops and bus stations if everyone is riding the bus (which means not everyone is going to be able to catch the bus on time or make it to work/school on time either).'
- Mr Burns is not always the most environmentally friendly person in the world.  I remember in the simpsons game for the Xbox 360, he wanted to cut down all of the trees around springfield and turn them into toothpicks even though it might cause environmental disaster (according to Mr Smithers).  If he had is way, the entire planet would be like a giant industrial area without trees, less animals, and possibly more radioactive due to the fact he runs the nuclear power plant.

Scenario 2: Dr Robotnik defeats sonic
Here is a funny video posted on youtube showing Sonic's speed getting the best of him and Dr Robotnik laughing about Sonic's doom.  Here it is (warning: the video might be offensive to some):

Ah, Dr Robotnik (aka Dr Eggman) is the primary evil genius in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.  His main goal is world domination and turning animals into robots.  Standing in his way is the pesky Sonic who is a hedgehog that happens to be extremely fast and have special powers (along with his sidekicks: Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and the rest of the Sonic game).  Now what do you think it would be like if Robotnik were to wisen up and defeat Sonic for once?

- The world would be much more techonologically advanced than it is now
- the rise of robots is almost inevitable in this world and could make life easier in the long run.
- He is supposed to be a genius too.

Of course, here are some of the downsides to Dr Eggman taking over:
- Expect a totalitarian style dictatorship.  Dr Eggman is definitely hungry for power and would likely rule the world with an iron fist if his schemes at world domination were ever to succeed.  Anyone who opposes his rule would probably be arrested and either executed or turned into robots. 
- He has been known to mess with forces that he doesn't understand and could easily lead to catastrophic results.  You see this in many of the newer sonic games, such as Sonic Adventure 1 (with the Perfect Chaos monster), Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (the Solaris project, especially with Mephiles coming on the scene, who has much more sinister intentions with Solaris than Dr Eggman does), and Sonic Heroes (where Mecha Sonic turns on Eggman and does his own thing).  Can't you imagine what it might be like if Sonic was not there to stop him?  The chaos monster would probably liquefy all of Station Square and possibly the rest of the world too.  Solaris would probably destroy  time and the fabric of the universe itself.  Mecha sonic would probably usurp Dr Eggman's throne and wreck havoc on the world.
- Most of the animal species would likely get wiped out sooner or later as Dr Robotnik roboticizes more and more animals.  Of course, with Sonic out of the way, nobody would be there to oppose him. Tails probably would have turned into a robot too (much like he almost does in Sonic 2 for the game gear when Dr Robotnik kidnaps tails), Knuckles would likely be a unwitting pawn of Dr Eggman (considering that he is prone to being tricked by Eggman), and Amy would probably be forced into a relationship with Mecha sonic (even though her real crush was Sonic) .

Scenario 3: Dark Queen from Battletoads

In the video above here is a short video of one of the battletoads getting defeated and a typical game over screen.  Note: the game over took place on level one, and that level is easy compared to many of the levels in the rest of the game (especially levels 3-12).

If you have played through Battletoads on the NES you probably know about the Dark Queen.  I haven't really played through the sequels of Battletoads, but I have played through the first game and know that she is a crazy lady that wants to make life miserable for the Battletoads and ultimately rule the world.  She is probably one of the sexiest and smartest villians out there too as she kidnaps Pimple and Angelica (one of the toad's girlfriends) and Rash and Zits (the game's protagonists) are forced go on an extremely dangerous and daring rescue mission going through 12 levels full of traps, enemies and powerful bosses each getting progressively tougher than the previous ones to save them and put a stop to the Dark Queen's schemes.  By the way for the average player, it is more likely that Rash and Zits will meet demise long before they reach the Dark Queen at the end of the Tower of Shadows level (level 12).  Battletoads was definitely one of the most difficult games I have played in my life and it took many years, tries, continues and frustration to finally beat the game.  By  the way if you thought level 3 was hard (turbo tunnel), that level is just the beginning with 9 more levels to go with each level getting progressively harder than the last ones, especially levels 7-12 where things get really crazy and there is less room for error (especially the last 4 levels of the game where there are lots of ways you can die and get game over). Anyways, it would have been interesting if the Dark Queen did succeed.  She would probably hold Pimple and Angelica as captives, while Rash and Zits would have probably been food for the Dark Queen (there is a game over scene where the Queen eats frog legs by the way) and nobody would have stopped her from taking over the world.  Also, anyone who wants to stop her would have had to go though the same 12 levels full of traps, enemies, bosses and many other ways one can die and get game over.

Scenario 4: Bowser Koopa defeats Mario and Luigi
Here is a bloopers video on Super Mario bros (the first one) and in one scene Bowser gets his revenge on Mario (see 0:29-0:42 in the video).

Bowser seems to be infatuated with Peach and probably wants to give Mario some competition from the girl (which is probably why Princess Peach often seems to get kidnapped by Bowser).  Of course, he would be corrupt ruler of the mushroom kingdom if he had his way.  Also, I am not sure if Bowser would make the best husband for Peach either considering that he is a dragon and evil.

Scenario 5: Count Dracula defeats the Belmonts.

Here is a video below of Richter Belmont facing off and defeating against Dracula in Castlevania Dracula X for Super Nintendo.

As you can see in the video above, Dracula gets owned for the 5th time in the Castlevania series (counting Castlevanias 1-4 and not counting the Gameboy versions of the game).  Count Dracula is the primary antagonist of the Castlevania series and is usually (though not always) the final boss in a typical Castlevania game.  One interesting thing about Castlevania is that in each incarnation if the game, there is usually (though not always) a new hero that ends up defeating the dark lord (be it Simon Belmont, Trevor Belmont, Richter Belmont, etc).  In some games he even gets defeated by unlikely foes too (such as own son, Alucard in Symphony of the Night, Hector in Curse of Darkness, Shanoa in Order of Ecclesia and Jonathan and Charlotte in Portrait of Ruin).   Now, have you ever wondered what it might be like if Dracula succeeded in his world domination plan for once?  Here are some pros and cons.

- He would make a charismatic ruler.
- Some people in the game series want his rule.  For example, in Order of Ecclesia and Dawn of Sorrows, there are cults, corrupt church leaders, and other people that keep wanting to resurrect Dracula.
- No matter how many times Dracula gets defeated, he almost always manages to come back (except for the Aria of Sorrows and Dawn of Sorrows timeline where it assumes Dracula was defeated for good even though his spirit still seems to linger and posthumously indirectly influence the chain of events in those two games). 
- He is a pretty fitting icon in the Castlevania series given the halloweenish feel the series has,(monsters, frankensteing, ghosts, and all).

- As with Dr Robotnik, he would probably establish a totalitarian style dictatorship and rule with an iron fist.  Like Vlad Dracula from Romania, he would probably use impalement as a form of execution too.  Of course, he might also turn foes into vampires too.
- Paranormal events would probably rise dramatically.  Can't you imagine what it might be like if you lived in the world where ghosts are everywhere (even in places and homes that are not normally haunted), alien abductions occur almost every day, strange creatures (like bigfoot and the Jersey Devil) starting going beserk and revealing themselves to everyone (including skeptics).  Demonic activities would probably rise too (such as posessions, the occult, etc).  Of course, if nobody was there to stop Dracula and his minions, nothing would be done to stop it either
- Dracula could also be a genocidal maniac too (kind of like Hitler during World War 2) considering that Dracula wants to wipe out the human race (at least in some of the Castlevania games, that seems to be his goal).  Only those loyal to Dracula would likely survive (though they might be turned into vampires too).

Food for thought: If you read the book of Revelation (and similar prophecy books in the bible), from a Christian standpoint, the bible predicts a time when there will be a dark lord that rules the world during the days of the 7 year tribulation period that precedes the returns of Christ.  Nobody really knows who the antichrist is (theoretically, he could be any politician that comes to world stage for all we know), when he is going to come to power or how is rule comes about, but according to the bible, the time is coming when the Antichrist will be revealed and will essentially set up a global dictatorship (probably the New World Order system).  Much like Dracula, the Antichrist will be a charismatic leader (many people probably won't recognize him as the Anitchrist and will instead think he is a hero and some might even think he is God, even though he is not) and will essentially be the dark lord type.  He will also be controlled by Satan himself (especially during the great tribulation period during the last 3.5 years of the tribulation period).  The Antichrist will be so powerful that he will manage to establish a totalitarian style global dictatorship and only Jesus Christ himself will be able to stop him at the end of those 7 years.  By the way, the Left Behind Series makes a pretty good portrayal of what the end times might look like and what the Antichrist (Nicolae Carpathia) will be like during those years. 

Well, that is all for now.  Stay tuned for more.  By the way, what do you think of these scenarios?  What do you think would happen if the villians above were to succeed (note: it assumes they are able to defeat the heroes too).

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