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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rayman Legends First Impressions

About 2 days ago, I downloaded Rayman Legends for the Xbox One.  They were offering a special in the Xbox Live store (at least gold members) where you could download Rayman and several other games for free (or at least reduced prices), so I decided to try out Rayman Legends.

Above is a video, posted by pivmaster2 showing off the first 10 minutes of the game (essentially the intro and the first level).  The game is divided up into several worlds (similar to how it is in games like Donkey Kong Country, New Super Mario Bros, and Sonic Boom) full of levels you can play through, as well as at least one major boss fight per world (with the first one being a giant dragon you fight).  You start off playing as Rayman, but you can play as other characters as well.  In addition, you can also unlock Rayman Orgins levels as well as do online challenges as well.

Things I like about the game so far:

- Humorous to play through.  Very comical too
- Fun and interesting platformer game
- I also like the side kick feature in the game where on certain levels, Rayman can have a side kick come along and do things for him (such as flipping switches, helping to defeat enemies, taking care of potiential traps, etc).
- Cool boss fights.  I fought the dragon this morning and it was quite fun and divided into several parts.
- Each level does have friends that Rayman has to rescue and levels are rather huge with many things to do, areas to explore, and secret areas to find.
- Interestingly, although you can play though each world in order, it is possible to unlock stages in other worlds (such as Toad Story) early on and play through more than one world at a time.  It is also possible to unlock latter stages and even boss fights early on too.

Negative aspects:
- Cheap deaths.  Expect to die alot in the game, especially if it is your first time through.  Usually Rayman can take 2 hits (assuming he has a heart icon over his head) and then he dies, though sometimes he can get killed in one hit too. Each level is filled with obstacles, enemies, pitfalls, and other death traps, all eager to send Rayman to an early retirement.
- The game can get addicting, so you may want to pace yourself while playing through the game.

That is all for now and I will post more about Rayman Legends as I play through the game.

Want to try Rayman Legends for the Xbox One?  You can download it from the Xbox Live Store on your Xbox One.