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Friday, January 30, 2015

Project Spark First Impressions

I was finally able to start playing Project Spark on the Xbox One. Had some troubles playing it earlier this month due to connectivity issues on Xbox Live.  Anyways I now have played it a few times and have some first impressions of the game.  Have you ever dreamed of creating your own video game?  How about go on an epic adventure where you can choose he elements, quests, enemies you fight and even the end boss for a level?  Project Spark explores these concepts.  There is a main quest you can start, though you can also play games other players create, go on a "crossroads" adventrue where you on an Action RPG quest where you can help influence the storyline, enemies you fight, what the villages look like, what you encounter in the field, and even what people say.  In addition, if you are feeling creative and inspired, you can always create your own world and game using the elements the game offers.  Today, I even created a "cheesy" adventure game I dubbed as Squirrel Hunter, where you play as this ranger and go up against hostile and rabid squirrels, bandits, and even goblins.

Things I like so far about the game
- Open ended style game.
- It does have some educational value to it considering that the game teaches you how to create your own worlds or even modify existing ones too.  There is even an in game tutorial that teaches you the basics of creating a game
-   If you have ever thought of video game design, Project Spark can be a good way to learn without having to go to college and getting a computer science and related degrees.
- In game codes are done for you.  You con't have to know c+ or similar programming languages to create words and games.  Though it can help to have some familiarity with programming (for example, modifying the behavior, or "brain" of animals in the world, what happens if the hero dies, how to finish a level, etc).
- I also like how you can play games other players create.  Lets you see what others are making and get some inspiration for your own games.
- I also loved the crossroads adventure.  Made a few funny ones too.

Things I did not like about the game so far:
- The game requires Xbox live and valid internet connection to work properly.  If Xbox live is down or you don't have an Xbox live gold accunt, the game will not work properly.
- There do seem to be some bait and switch things going on in the game considering that you have to unlock certain elements or even accessing new levels in the main adventure and that may require you to pay money out of pocket.  I wish they made it easier to unlock things without having to spend alot of money.
- The game can be confusing at first, especially when it comes to creating levels

I will post more information about Project Spark as I get more experience in the game.