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Thursday, January 15, 2015

What worlds would you want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3 and future KH games?

Official Trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3

Hey everyone.  In this post I thought I would talk about the upcomming Kingdom Hearts 3 game that is supposed to come out later this year (which is supposed to be released to both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4).  I have recently completed a replay through Kingdom Hearts 2 (the third time I have played through the game since I got it for Christmas a few years ago) on Playstation 2.  Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the official sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 (besides Re: coded and Dream Drop Distance) and will be the first console version of Kingdom hearts since Kingdom Hearts 2, considering that Birth By Sleep, 365/2, Coded, and Dream Drop distance were all on the handheld game systems (DS, 3DS and PSP respectively).  I think the new game is supposed to mark the return of the evil Xenohort and Ansem Seeker of Darkness (the main villian from the first game) in an addition to other familiar elements and characters.  Note that I don't really know the full story so right now, I can only speculate what the story will be about.  By the way, Kingdom Hearts 3 will assume you have played through the previous installments of the series.  In case if you are not familiar with the series, basically the series combines elements from the Final Fantasy Universe (particularly Final Fantasy 7 and 10 style games) and Disney universe and follows Sora as the primary protaganist from Destiny Islands who teams up with Goofy and Donald in his heroic quest to save the the universe from the hands of various Disney Villans (like Malificent along with others like Hades, Jafar, Oogie Boogie, Scar, Pete, and others) along the forces of darkness, called heartless and nobodies lead by various antagonists including Ansem seeker of Darkness (basically an evil counterfeit version of Ansem the Wise), Organization 13, and others.

Main Characters:

Protaganists and allies:

1. Sora -
He is the main protaganist in the series.  Sora starts out on Destiny Island along with Riku and Kairi and ends up in Tranverse town after the darkness takes the island.  Soon after, he meets up with Donald and Goofy (who become his primary side kicks) and sets out on a quest to defeat the heartless, Disney villians, and later Ansem Seeker of Darkness and eventually Organization 13.  He also searches for Kairi (Sora seems to have a crush on Kairi, which is especially evident in KH 2) and Riku after they get separated.  He is also the primary hero that stands in the way of the various villians he encounters on the different worlds he visits and often foils their plans no matter how diabolical or heinious.  Sora also becomes a thorn in the side of Organization 13 along with Pete and Malificent as he often stands in the way of their plans.

2. Donald - Sora's side kick.  He specializes in magic attacks and is great a support character too (such as healing when needed).  He also has a temper and can get into mischief sometimes too.
3. Goofey - another side kick of Sora.  He specializes in strength and melee attacks.  He is probably the wisest in the trio and often brings common sense into things.  Sometimes he is good at explaining otherwise hard to understand dialogues, such as the time in KH 2 where the trio learns about Ansem the Wise from Miki
4  Riku - Sora's friend from Destiny Island.  He acts as Sora's "elder brother" and they do tend to be rivals at times.  In the first game, he become jealous of Sora (in part due to him being the keyblade bearer) and even sides with Malificent and other villians, eventually becoming posessed by the evil Ansem seeker of Darkness, though he seems to change his ways at the end of the game, though not before getting trapped in the darkness at the end of the game.  In KH 2, he takes on the forom of Ansem Seeker of Darkness after the events of Chain of Memories and 365/2 and has a role in the game's prologue.  He also seems to make an appearance in the Land of the Dragons world during Sora's second visit to the world as a cloaked figure (though the sword the cloaked figure has definitely belonged to Riku), though he and Sora don't officially reunite till towards the end of the game.  He also helps Sora take on Xemnas during the final boss fight at the end of the game.
5. Kairi - another friend of Sora from Destiny Island and is one of the few ladies on the island.  She gets separated from Sora after the darkness over takes the island and Sora sets out looking for her.  At the end of KH 1, they get separated again and don't reunite again till the end of Kingdom Hearts 2 (after getting kidnapped and imprisoned in the World that Never Was by Organization 13).  She and Sora seem to be crushing on each other.
6. King Mickey - Mikey Mouse makes an appearance in the series as a king type figure and often helps Sora in his journeys.  He also helps Sora take on Organization 13 during Kingdom Hearts 2.
7. Hercules - from Disney's Hercules.  He is the son of Zeus and lost his immortality after Hades had him kidnapped and makes him drink a potion that strips him of his immortality (though ironically, he fails to take his superhuman strength away).  Hades hates Hercules and plots ways to kill Hercules and take him to the underworld.  He makes a powerful ally for Sora and his gang.
8. Simba from Lion King, along with Nala, Pumba, and Timba - from the Lion King.  Much like in the movie, Simba was destined to become king of the pride lands, but his evil uncle, Scar usurps the throne after murdering Simba's father and framing Simba for his death.  It is up to Sora to help Simba to challenge Scar and take his father's place as king of the Pridelands.
9. Aladdin - Based on the Aladdin trillogy, Aladdin starts out as a common thief and begger (aka street rat) in Agrabah and gets his life radically changed after meeting Genie from a lamp he gets at the cave of wonders, especially after turning Aladdin into a prince to try and win Jasmine's heart).  Sora comes and helps Aladdin foil Jafar's plans to take over Agrabah and help Malificent conquer the universe.
10. Various characters from the final fantasy series, particularly Leon, Tifa, Cloud, Yuffie, Cid, and Aerith.  Characters from some of the final Fantasy series make do make apparences in the game, often as allies.  They have a bigger role in Kingdom Hearts 2 as they work on restoring Hollow Bastion (aka Radiant Garden) after the events of Kingdom Hearts 1 (being a former stronghold for Malificent).  In the Olympus Collesium, Sora does engage them in duels on various occasions (with the craziest one being when he has to take on Leon, Tifa, Cloud, and Yuffie in the Hades Cup towarrds the end of KH II).
11. Roxas - he is the nobody of Sora after he temporarily becomes a heartless towards the end of Kingdom Hearts 1 (he "sacrificed" himself to save Kairi after she gets kidnapped by a posessed Riku, who was under the influnce of the evil Ansem and tries to use a special keyblade to try and steal her heart).  Much of Roxas' story is explained in Kingdom Hearts 365/2 and he even appears in Kindom Hearts 2's prologue before the game shifts over to Sora.  He was originally a part of Organization 13 but later betrays the organization and eventually helps Sora during the course of KH 2.
12. The Beast from Beauty and the Beast -
Based on the movie, Beauty and the Beast, he was once a prince that gets turned into a beast with a temper out on a quest to find true love before time runs out and remains a Beast for life.  In Kingdom Hearts 1, he is an ally of Sora in Hollow Bastion and in KH 2 he has a much more bigger role as Sora travels to Beast's Castle and aims to foil Xaldin's plans to turn the Beast into a heartless.
13. Peter Pan -
Based on the movie Peter Pan, he is an ally of Sora (who helps Peter defeat Captain Hook during the first game) and later becomes a summonable ally in KH 2.
14. Pinnocio -
Based on the movie, Pinnocio, he is a puppet that comes to life with aspirations of becoming a true human and in Kingdom Hearts 1, he gets kidnapped by Riku (who was under the influence of Malificent and later the evil Ansem) and literally gets trapped inside Monstro the whale (who was flying in space and even swallows Sora, Goofy and Donald up when venturing around in their gummy ships), and it is up to Sora to rescue him.  He doesn't make any appearences in KH 2 as far as I can tell.
15. Jimminy Cricket.  From Pinnocio, Jimminy keeps records from Sora's journeys, including missions, people of interest, Ansem's reports, information on heartless and nobodies, as well as any side missions to complete or treasures to find.
and many other disney characters.

- Ansem Seeker of Darkness.  Primary villian in the first game
- Malificent.  Evil sorceresses from Sleeping Beauty (not to be confused the Angelina Jolie version of Malificent by the way).  She wants to take over the universe and even commands her own variety of heartless.  In the first game in the series, she is really just a pawn of a much bigger plot set by Ansem Seeker of Darkness (aka Xenohort's heartless if you have played KH2).
- Hades (from Hercules).  He is the the villian from Disney's Hercules and even has his own underword.  Like Satan in being the arch nemesis of God in real life, Hades is the arch nemesis of Zeus (he is jealous of Zeus) and if you have seen Disney's Hercules, he basically wants to send Hercules to the under world and to do so, he wants to rig the gladiator style games that Hercules competes in so that Hercules inevitably loses and dies.  The only people standin in his way are Sora, Donald, Goofey, Meg and Hercules.
- Jafar.  Villian from Disney's Aladdin.  He wants to take over Agrabah and kill off Aladdin.  Interestingly, he seems to have a crush on Princess Jasmine and wants to make here his queen.
- Other disney villians, including Oogie Boogie (from Nightmare before Christmas), Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland), Captain Hook (from Peter Pan), Scar (from Lion King) and others
- Pete (the villianous version).  He is Mickey's arch nemesis (ever since Steamboat Willie) and becomes a cronie of Malificent in Kingdom Hearts 2, though perhaps not as intelligent as Malificent.
 - Organization 13.  It is a villianous organization in Kingdom Hearts 2, lead by Xemnas (created by Ansem seeker of Darkness when he became a heartless) that pretty much want to take over the universe and plunge all of the worlds into darkness.  Of course, Sora and his friends are more than happy to become a thorn in their sides.
- Riku (at least during KH 1).  In the first installment, after getting seperated from Sora, he finds himself under the influce by Malificent and becomes jealous of Sora and even helps the villians in their plans.  It is not till after he is posessed by the evil Ansem seeker of Darkness when he realizes the error of his ways.  Eventually he does get redeemed at the end of KH 2.

Other recurring characters:
- Ansem the Wise.  Not to be confused with the "Ansem" at the end of Kingdom Hearts 1.  Basically the good version of Ansem.  He was a scientist who studies hearts and helps King Mickey.  In KH 2 he aims to help reunite Roxas with Sora and later help foil the schemes of Organization 13, even sacrificing himself in the process.
- Final Fantasy characters, especially Cloud, Yuffie, Tiffa and other final fantasy 7 characters.
- Sephiroth.  He is the main villian from Final Fantasy 7 and returns as an optional boss character you can fight both in the Colliseum in Kingdom Hearts 1 and later at Radiant Garden towards the end of Kingdom Hearts 2.  He is arguably the toughest boss fight in both games given his huge health bar, dueling techniques and attacks that can easily kill Sora within a few hits (most notably the infamous "Descend Heartless Angel" attack which drains almost all of Sora's health bar when executed uninterrupted).
- Summoned characters, such as Genie from Aladdin, Mushu from Mulan and others.
- Moogles.  These are bird like creatures from the Final Fantasy series and are used to  save the game or leave worlds.  They can also synthesize materials Sora and his gang find into useful things, such as potions, power ups, and even weapons (like the Ultima weapon Sora can get).

For a full list of characters and more information about them, visit http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Kingdom_Hearts_characters.

I won't get into all of the details about previous games in the series, for for the full story so far, you can read it at the Kingdom Hearts wikipedia at http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Kingdom_Hearts_(series)

Anyways, with the new game in the works, my question to you is, what worlds do you want to see featured in the new game.  Obvously more Disney shows, cartoons and movies have been made since the last game. such as Disney's Up, Malificent (basically an alternate version of Sleeping Beauty with more of an anti-hero version of Malificent, not quite as evil as the original version), Finding Nemo, newer Pirates of the Carribean movies (in KH2 they featured Barbosa as the primary villian in the Port Royale level on the game, but there was also Davy Jones, who was a bigger villain in the original 3 movie), Wreck it Ralph, and many others.  Disney has also acquired various movies from Marvel (most notably the Avengers series) and now they have acquired Star Wars too, with Star Wars Episode 7 scheduled for release towards the end of this year (2015), so there are lots of possibilities.  They can also do worlds based on the Final Fantasy series too considering that there are some recurring characters from the final fantasy series too.  Final Fantasy 7 could definitely be a good world to do in KH3 if they wanted to.

Here are the worlds I have seen so far from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.  Note I have not played handheld sequels and prequels in the series yet so I am not familiar with the worlds in those games, though a full list of worlds that have been done so far, you can check them out on the wiki page at http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Kingdom_Hearts_(series):

Kingdom Hearts 1:
- Tarzan
- Tranverse Town (home of the 101 Dalmations by the way along with Donald and Goofey)
- Destiny Islands (appears in the game's prologue and disappears after Sora is teleported to Tranverse Town)
- Pinnocio's world (literally takes place inside Monstro the Whale, with the main boss fight taking place right in the whale's stomach)
- Halloween Town (Nightmare before Christmas version)
- Hercules
- Peter Pan (yes Hook is a boss character you fight
- Hollow Bastion (Malificent's stronghold)
- Agrabah (Aladdina)
- Atlantica (little mermaid's world)
- Alice in Wonderland
- 1000 Acre woods (yes Winnie the Pooh does make appearances in the series)

Kingdom Hearts 2:
- Returning worlds includes: Halloween Town (even has a christmas version), Hercules (even has Hades' underworld, which was not in the first game), Agrabah (the end boss is a giant genie version of Jafar), Atlantica (this time around, it mainly follows the storyline of Little Mermaid featuring Eric as Ariel's love interest), and Hollow Bastion (a completely different version of the world though)
- Pridelands from Lion King (Sora even "becomes a lion cub" in that world)
- 1980s style Tron (with Sark and the MCP as the primary villians).  By the way, events on Tron seem to have an effect on Hollow Bastion (aka Radiant Gardent too) such as the incident later in the game where the town's security system (aimed at stopping the heartless) gets corrupted and gets aimed at Sora, Donald and Goofy as well as Sark's attempt to have Sora and his friends arrested and derezzed after a mishap occured when Donald was messing around with the main computer.
- Twilight Town (replaces Tranverse town).  By the way, Xaldin from Organization 13 shows up and tries to sabatoge Beast's effort to break the spell that turned him into a beast the first place (probably in an effort to turn him into a heartless).
- Beast's Castle (based on Beauty and The beast)
- Timeless River (basically 1930's style disney, and based on Steamboat Willie).  Interestingly there are 2 Petes that make appearances (past Pete and Present Pete, with the latter serving as the primary boss for that leg in the game).
- The World that Never Was (this is where the final boss fights are too)
- Disney's Mulan (pretty much follows the storyline of Mulan, where she disguises herself as a "man" and joins the chinese army and is eventually found out by the leader of the army).  Sora actually encounters Riku for the first time here during his second visit.  He comes as one of 2 cloaked figures and was disguised as Ansem seeker of Darkness (which is the case till the end of the game).  You actually don't see Riku's face but the weapon the mysterious man belonged to Riku.  Note Xigbar (from Organization 13) also makes an appearance there too.
- Port Royale.  Based on the events of Pirates of the Carribean, Curse of the Black Pearl (the first movie in the series) with Barbosa being the main villian (along with Pete).
- 1000 acre woods (again).  This time around, Pooh has a case of amnesia and forgets everything (after an incident involving heartless stealing pages from the Adventures of the Winnie the Pooh book), including everyones' names and it is up to Sora to help him regain his memories.

So those are all of the worlds I have seen so far.  Some possible worlds I can think of in the game includes:
Note: these are some worlds that would be cool to see, but unlikely to happen (hey I have no control over what the creators do of course).

1. Pirates of the Carribean (again). 

 This time based on the 2nd and 3rd movie in the series.  Remember there were several other movies made in the franchise and more possibilities are there.  Personally, I think Davey Jones would make an awesome villian (more so than Barbosa) in the series. Of course there would have to be more ship sailings than in Kingdom Hearts 2.

2. Halloween Town (the version with Debbie Reynolds, Kimberly Brown, etc).

We have seen the Nightmare Before Christmas' version of Halloween Town in both Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.  Since then I have seen all 4 moives in the other Halloween Town franchise and think the first 2 movies (especially the first one) would make an awesome setting for a version in Kingdom Hearts.  Sora could team up with Marnie and her siblings as they take on the evil Kalabar.  Pete or Malificent could make good allies for Kalabar too.  The world could probably follow along the timeline of the first movie.  I am not sure if the original actors or actresses would reprise their roles for the Kingdom Hearts version should that happen (especially considering that all of the actors and actresses are older and may or may not be interested in doing another Halloweentown installmend), but it would definitely cool to see.  By the way, a Kalabar and Malificent team up would be cool to see considering that they are both evil magicians.

3. Wreck It Ralph.

In case if you are not familiar with the movie, it was a filmed release about 2 years ago about this video game villian named, Ralph that wants to give up his villianous ways and sets out on humorous and daring adventure visiting other video game worlds and even ends up meddling in a racing game and taking on an evil king too.

4. Marvel Universe.
Lots of possibilities here, including Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man, X-men, etc. Even if Kingdom Hearts did not do a movie version of Avengers, they also have Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Avengers Assemble, and Ultimate Spiderman they can do too.  Villians could include: Doctor Doom, Loki, Red Skull, Modoc, Venom, Green Goblin, or others.  If Organization 13 wanted to get involved, they could even exploit the Civil War storyline too (trying to tear the super hero community apart by inciting them to be at each others' throats).

5. Disney's Up.

Definitely a classic.  It is about an old man and a boy scout who turns a house into a hot air balloon goes on an adventure to a foreign country (Australia?) and encounter an evil hunter.   The villian on the movie would be awesome to have in the Kingdom Hearts Series.

6. Kim Possible

Kim is basically Disney's version of James Bond.  She is a high school cheerleaderthat takes on various villians and criminals much like what you would see in say, James Bond, Austin Powers, Perfect Dark Zero (btw I wouldn't be suprised if the shows were inspired by the PDZ series given the similarities to the 2 series).  Sheego would make an awesome ally of Malificent (for example), while Drakken would make a cool ally for Pete. Organization 13 could probably shake things up in the world too.

Other worlds that might be cool includes:
1. Expanding on the 101 Dalmations
2. Worlds from Final Fantasy series (FF7 would be awesome to do considering that many of the recurring FF characters in Kingdom Hearts come from that particular game).
3. Frozen (haven't seen the movie yet though)
4. Brave
5. Shrek (the first movie would probably be best to do)
6. Hook (the sequel to Peter pan featuring Robin Williams an older Peter pan who sets out on a quest to save his kids after they are kidnapped by Hook).  Sora and his friends could try and help Peter Pan regain his memories and defeat Hook once again
7. Bringing back Twilight Town and World that never was
8. Transverse town.  It would be interesting to see how that town changes after the events of KH 1.

And many others.

Worlds I don't really care for in the new games:
- Atlantica (can get redundant after a while, unless if they do on based on Little Mermaid 2)
- Agrabah (unless they do one based on the 3rd movie)
- 100 acre woods (Winnie the Pooh can get redundant after a while)

Well, that is all for now.  I will add to this list as I can think of more.  At this point, I will turn this post over to you all.  Are there worlds you want to see in the new game?  Are there worlds you don't care to see again?  How about recurring characters?

On a side note:  What do you think about the idea of doing Star Wars as a world in Kingdom Hearts 3?  I like the idea though it seems like that could almost be its own spin off (much like Lego Star Wars) considering that the movies are 6 movies long (will be 9 movies long by the time the new trilogy is done) and there are so many storylines that the creators can based the game on as well as worlds they can explore too.  Could they follow the prequel era of Star Wars (such as the Clone Wars)?  How about the original trilogy.  Sequel trilogy?  Expanded Universe? I have no idea.

Important disclaimer: The worlds I came up are based on pure speculation from other disney shows and movies I have seen and may or may not end up in Kingdom Hearts 3 or future installments.  I don't work for Disney or the Kingdom Hearts 3 developers, so I have no idea what the final installment will look like.  Of course, I will share updates whenever I come across them.

Further reading: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/The_Keyhole

Want to catch up in previous games in the series?  Here is a widget from Amazon you can use to get the games you want.  Note that KH 3 will assume you have played through Kingdom Hearts 2, Re:Coded and Dream Drop Distance, so it might not hurt to get those ones if you can to see the whole story up to KH 3.