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Friday, July 15, 2011

Top 10 Game Villians part 1

In my history of playing video games, I have stumbled across several game villians you might like.  Note: this post is too long to do in one entry, so I will break it up into 2 posts.

1.  Bowser Koopa-
Bowser is definately the first of his kind, and is the main antagonist of the Super Mario Bros series.  Time and time again, Bower kidaps Princess Peach and try to conquer the mushroom Kingdom.  Of course Mario and Luigi remain thorns in his side and constantly thwart his plans.

2. Dr Robotnik
Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Dr Robotnik (aka Dr Eggman) is the evil mad scientist from the Sonic the Hegehog series and is always on a quest to defeat Sonic and his pals, conquer the world and turn everyone into robots.  Of course, Dr Robotnik is not smart enough to defeat Sonic and his sidekicks (Tails, Knuckles, etc), who remain foils to his evil plans.  In some of the newer games, Dr Robotnik has even found himself to being a pawn in a much larger scheme of things (like in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, where the real bad guy is actually Mephiles, who is an evil clone of Shadow the Hedgehog that wants to revive Solaris and destroy time itself).

3. General Morden from the Metal Slug Series

If you have played any of the Metal Slug games (with the exception of Metal Slug 5), you are probably familiar with this Saddam Hussein look-alike.  Morden is the main antagonist in the Metal Slug series and is always forming coup de' tiats in hopes of forming a global dictatorship and even commands his own armies as well as noteworthy cronies (like Allen, who reminds me of an evil version of Mr T that you encounter in some of thegames).  Of course, Marco and his allies are always ready to take on Morden and his men, even if it means going through multiple lives to stop him (the games play like the contra series and one hit kills your characters, so unless if you are very good at these games, you will probably die alot playing through the missions, especially the latter missions in the games as they get progressively harder as you play through them, especially the final missions in the games).  By the way, Morden is not always the brightest figure in the video game universe as he tends to form unholy alliances with space aliense (and other entities) who end up abducting him and even abusing him in the end (as is the case on Metal Slug 3), thus making Morden more as a pawn in many of the games (even in Metal Slug 4, you fight a whole new villianous business man as a final boss, with Morden only being a regular boss in level 3) and forcing Morden and his men to form alliances with the heroes (which usually dissolves by the time the sequel comes). By the way, of all of the battles I've played against Morden, my favorite is probably in Metal Slug XX, in that game, Morden is officially the main villian again and the final boss fights against him in that game are very epic (which is pretty much an 8 part battle, including the fight in the "portal room", as well as the multi-tiered final battle at the end) where you fight him in this huge tentacled space ship machine (not sure what it is called).

4. Count Dracula from the Castlevania Series

Count Dracula is the evil dark lord that serves as the evil genious for the Castlevania series (though some of the newer Castlevania games have a new villian, as was the case in Castlevania Lords of Shadow, where you will actually fight Satan himself as the final boss in the game).  Dracula is the bloodthirsty vampire that plots to bring about an everlasting dark kingdom upon the world (presumably under the guise of Satan himself) and has the ability to come back to life every 100 years (sometimes even in a shorter period of time if somone decides to resurrect him, such as Shaft in Symphonhy of the Night).  Of course, Dracula's nemesis is the whole Belmont clan (starting with Leon Belmont, and later Trevor, Richter, Simon, and other Belmonts, spanning many generations) and Dracula and his minions are no match for the Belmonts' vampire whip and holy powers, usually dooming Dracula back to the underworld each time (only for him to come back to life once again sometime later).  By the way, which Dracula battle is your favorite?  I think mine is the one from Castlevania Curse of Darkness.

5.  Dr Wily from the Mega Man series

Dr Wily is Mega Man's nemisis in the original Mega Man series.  Dr Wily is an evil scientist that wants to take over the world and creates hordes of robots and robot masters aimed at defeating Mega Man (who remains a foil to his schemes throughout the series) as well as do his bidding.  In some games, Wily has even tried to frame others to cover up his schemes (like Dr Light in Mega Man 9, Protoman in Mega Man 5, as well as Cossack in Mega Man 4), though his true colors are always revealed near the end of the games (before the Dr Wily levels).  Also, while Dr Wily does not seem to exist in the Mega Man X series, he does have a successor, namely Sigma (who is just as evil as Dr Wily was in the original series).  Plus he was the one who created Zero (Mega Man's side kick throughout the Mega Man series) with the idea that he wold become Wily's successor and to defeat Mega Man X, though after a fateful battle with Sigma in a scene from Mega Man X4 (before Sigma became evil), Zero became a hero and later an ally of Mega Man X, and has yet to turn maverick once again, even despite attempts from Dr Wily to goad Zero to kill Mega man in is dreams in Mega Man X4 (if you play as Zero in Mega Man X4, and watch the opening clip scene, you will see a video of what looks like Dr Wily appearing to Zero in a dream, ordering him to kill X), as well as attempts by Sigma to corrupt Zero (especially in Mega Man X5).  By the way, like the original series, the Mega Man X series has yet to reach a conclusion, so it is not clear how the story will unfold.  Does Zero betray Mega Man?  Does Dr Wily make an official apperarence in the X series (either as a person or a ghost)?  Who becomes Sigma's successor (he seems to have been permanently defeated in X8 from what I have seen)?  We probably won't know until a future sequel (and no I don't work for Capcom and so I wouldn't know, though how the story plays out is open to speculation at this time of course).

Stay tuned for part 2.  By the way feel free to share this post with others.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Top 10 Deja vu moments in video games (part 1)

Do you ever get the feelings of familarity when playing video games (where things seem to repeat themselves)?  You are not alone.  In this blogpost, I will talk about at least 10 deja vu moments that I have encountered as a gamer.

#1- Bowser boss fights in Super Mario Bros 1 - to demonstrate the Bowser fights, here is a youtube video I found:

For the first deja vu moment, we go all the way back to the first Super Mario Bros game.  This game launched the Super Mario bros series as we know it today and is perhaps one of the first games to have boss battles in them (can't think of any games prior to SMB1 that have boss fights).  Anyways, when you fight Bowser at the end of the dungeon levels (the 4th level in each world), the boss fights are always the same.  Bowser (who is usually an imposted until world 8) is on this draw bridge, spewing fire balls at Mario and Luigi, and there are 2 ways you can beat bowser: 1) getting past him and touching the axe icon at the end of the bridge or 2) shooting fireballs with him (assuming you are able to keep the fireball power up for the whole dungeon) until he dies.  Of course, you will fight these exact same "boss battles" in all 8 worlds.  The only things that change are the dungeon layout and some of bowser's attack patterns (such as shooting hammers at Mario and Luigi in worlds 6-8).  Another deja vu moment is that prior to world 8, "Bowser" turns out to be an imposter (such as a goomba) and Mario/Luigi encounters Toad, who tells him that she is in another world.

# 2- Count Dracula's first form in most of the Castlevania games -
Here is a youtube video about a boss fight against Dracula on Castlevania Dracula X. This boss fight is the classic and perhaps one of my favorites.

If you have played most of the games in the Castlevania series, you would know that the main villian in the series is the Count Dracula, who is the evil vampire that wants to destroy the human race (only to be stopped by the Belmont clan and its allies).  Anyways, at the end of the game where you fight Dracula, usually you fight him in at least 2 forms (though not always), and while the developers usually get creative about Dracula's demonic form (such as the Gargoyle in Castlevania Dracula X), the first battle with Dracula is almost always the same.  In his first battle, the evil lord teleports around the room and hurling fireballs and other projectiles at he hero (sometimes he also tries to suck the hero's blood as well in some games, such as Castlevania 64 when you fight the imposter version of Dracula) and you usually get a short period of time to attack him before he teleports again, and the battles play out this way until you defeat him, after which he usually transforms into his monsterous form that you also have to defeat. Of course, this type of boss fight with dracula can be found just about any Castlevania games, with two exceptions being Curse of Darkness (I thought that Dracula was much more animated in that game doing more than just teleporting around the room and attacking), as well as Symphony of the Night, when you go up against Dracula as Alucard (the traditional Dracula boss fight actually takes place when you fight him as Richter towards the beginning of the game, and when you go up against him as Alucard at the end of the game.

Usually, once you beat his first form, he turns into a hideous beast that you also have to defeat, though in some of the games, that is the only form you fight as is the case in Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest and Castlevania 4 (I thought that one was a bit anti-climatic when I played that game given the extra bosses you fight in the "room of close associates" that you go through towards the end of the game where you fight Death, Gaibon and Slorga). Also, in Castlevania 64, you will actually do the traditional Dracula fight twice (first with the imposter Dracula and later with the real Dracula, who is actually the boy, Malus if you remember that game of course). Even in some of the newer Castlevania games, where there is a new villian in place of Dracula (such as Walter in Lamment of Innocence), the new guy often mimics dracula as he too does the teleportation moves while attacking as well.

Here is a short youtube video about the boss fight against Walter in Lamment of Innocence (posted by megagrey).  As you can see, in this battle, Walter actually mimicks Dracula.  BTW, Lamment of Innocence is actually a prequel of the series.