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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lego Movie Xbox One Review

Who here likes Legos?  I remember playing through both Lego Star Wars (prequel era Star Wars) and Lego Star Wars 2 (based on the original trilogy back in the day) and thought they were pretty fun to play through.  It is Lego and Star Wars after all.  Fast forward to Christmas season of 2014, there is now a game based on the classic Lego Movie that was released earlier last year.  In case if you don't know, Lego Movie was a movie that was released back in February of 2014 and was basically about an average Joe worker, named Emmet who had been living a seemingly normal and comfortable life.  However, unbeknownst to Emmet, the world he was living in was basically a global dictatorship lead by the evil Lord Business, who was pretty much ruling the world with an iron fist and secretly wanted to "cragle" (or anhilate everyone).  One day Emmet stumbles across a prophecy that would spell the end of Lord Business' regime and soon gets caught in the middle of an ongoing conflict between Lord Business and his cronies (such as Bad Cop) and an ever growing group of rebels that want to overthrow his regime and it is up to Emet to help save the day.  I won't spoil how the movie plays out and ends (assuming some of you haven't seen the movie yet), but if you want to see the movie, you can probably buy it on Amazon or maybe even Netflix (not sure of it is on Netflix or not).  See link below for the lego movie.
Anyways, as most people might expect: several games have been released based on Lego Movie and I was able to play through the Xbox One Version of the game.  After playing through the game, in my opinion it is definitely a fun and interesting movie based game to play through.  The game starts out with the prologue, where the wizard Vitruvius and Cleopatra teams up to take on Lord Business (much like he does in the movie) which comes in the form of a boss fight and ends with Vitruvius utters his prophecy about the downfall of Lord Business' regime. Then the game shifts over to present day and in the role of Emmet and in an open world environment.  Initially the game takes place in the City of Bricksburg, but other areas open up as you play through the game, inlcuding Flatbrush gultch (which petty much as an old west style theme), Cuckoo land (basically a city in the clouds) and later the Octan tower.  There is also a bonus room (there is nothing in there at first, but comes alive after you beat the story mode) and a secret area too I believe.  In each world there are a series of levels and storyline missions to play through.  Below is a video showing the first 9 minutes of the game.

I won't spoil the rest of the game for you (of course if you do not mind spoilers, you can get a full game guide at http://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/722935-the-lego-movie-videogame/faqs/68687 that details the walkthrough of the entire game).  Overall, personally I thought the game was a very fun and great tie-in to the movie.  The levels and worlds feel like you are playing in an interactive version of Lego Movie, full of worlds, levels, cutscenes and voice acting that you would see in the movie.  It even has a huge boss fight at the end where Emmet and Hello Kitty team up in their final showdown against Lord Business.  I have seen some sources that seem to offer mixed reviews of the game, but I have seen movie game that are much worse than Lego Movie, but I am sure that Lego Movie will not appeal to everyone, though I am sure kids will love the game, though maybe not as much for older crowds.

Review Highlights:

+  Plays out much like the ovie
+ Good replay value.  Like many lego based games, as you play through each storyline level, you will find that there are hidden objects and secret areas hidden throughout the levels and will definitely require revisits on Freeplay mode if you want to find them all.
+ Somewhat open worlds in Free Roam mode.  The map size is not too big, but there plenty of things you can do in each world, such as stocking up on lego pieces that can be used to buy red bricks or unlocking new characters.  Many of them even have hidden objects you can find and side missions you can do (for example, in Bricksburg one side mission has you finding cats around the city for a reg brick, and in Flatbrush Gulch there is a side mission where characters can help find and bring outlaws to justice).
+ Lots of cutscenes from the movie complete with voice acting and all from the movie.
+ Interesting characters you can play as too.  My favorites are: Batman, Superman, Bad Cop, Green Lantarn, as well as the guy that can throw dynamites at things, but there are plenty of other ones available.
+ Minigames (especially the hacker terminal games, which pretty much play out much like Pacman).

Negative aspects about the game:
- The storymode is relatively short and linear.  Though it is possible to stretch out the game to extend the gameplay
- Will probably appeal more to kids than adults.  While I thought the game was pretty fun even though I am 32 years old, I am sure the game will not appeal to everyone, though I am sure kids will love it.
-  Like many similar games, eventually, you do run out of things you can do and items to find and then  there really isn't much left to do.  Eventually you play through the storyline, complete the freeplay mode and complete all of the side missions in each world and then it is time to move on.  On the positive note, the game can be stretched out so that you don't have to do everything in one setting.
-  The game might seem to be too easy to some people.  When your character dies, he/she just respawns right by where he died and it just subtracts some of your lego money.

Overall grade in my opinon: A

Want the game, you can buy it on Amazon at:

Note that the game is also available for the PS4, 3DS, Xbox 360 and WII U as well.

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Have you played Lego Movie?  Feel free to share your experiences with the game in the comments section below?  Feel free to like and share this post if you like it.  Your support would be most appreciated.

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