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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Xbox One first impressions - system needs work

For Christmas, I got an Xbox One and have been able to try it out and familiarize myself with it.  While I am impressed by the graphics and games the system offers, I feel like the Xbox One needs work, especially when it comes to Xbox Live connectivity.  I put away the Xbox 360 I have (may rehook it up again someday) and hooked up the Xbox One in its place.  

Games I have for the Xbox One:

- Spark.  It is a fantasy game where you can design your own video game worlds.  Note: the game requires Xbox live connectivity to work properly.  My system has wifi issues and doesn't always seem to connect to Xbox Live properly so I haven't really been able to try out the game yet (also, it appears you need a license to be able to play the game which should come automatically with a Xbox live gold account).  

- Lego Movie game.  Definitely one of my favorites so far

- Assassins Creed: Unity.  Haven't played it yet, though I think I have to download it from Xbox Live

- Lego Marvel Super heroes: haven't played that game yet

- Grand Theft Auto 5.  Traded in the Xbox 360 version at gamestop last week and bought the Xbox One version instead.  GTA 5 is probably my favorite in the bunch despite not being to access the online mode yet, though the only other thing I didn't like about GTA 5 is that I encoundered the 

Things I like about the Xbox One so far:
- Better graphics
- New wireless controllers.  They run on AA batteries, but they do last quite a while before expiring
- Internet connectivity
- Ability to record videos when playing games (I've encountered this several times when playing Grand Theft Auto 5)

Drawbacks of Xbox One:
- Poor Xbox Live connectivity.  Interstingly on the same day I got the Xbox One, the Xbox Live network was suffering from the hack attack that was reported on the news.  Since then, connectivity to Xbox live has been hit and miss. At one moment, it works, and at another moment it does not work.  Some games don't work properly without Xbox Live, such as Spark, haven't really been able to try it out because I can't get a license to play it (which should come with Xbox live).  May have trade in Spark for a new game if the problem is not fixed.  Also, while I have been able to play the single player mode on GTA 5, I haven't been able to access the online mode yet due to the connectivity issues.  Hopefully they will be resolved at some point and I am not sure if it is just my system or not that is having those issues, but it is worth mentioning.  
- Cloud storage is good, but sometimes connecting to cloud can be tricky too
- The Video capturing system could be expanded more too.

Well, those are all of my first impressions for now.  Will offer a more thorough review of the Xbox One at a later date when I have more experience with it (probably before summer at the latest).

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