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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playing through Metal Slug Anthology

Now that I have beaten Scott Pilgrim vs the World for the second time (this time playing as "Kim"), I started playing through Metal Slug Anthology.  That game is pretty fun too.  It is a shoot em' up game that is alot like contra with obvious differences and features a villian named, Morden, who is pretty much a Saddam Hussein look-alike.

Here is a trailer I found on youtube that shows off the game:

I have already beaten the Metal Slugs 1-3 since I started playing the game and will play through Metal Slug 4 when I get the time to do so.  Personally, I find the Metal Slug series to be pretty fun with all of the shoot em up action, comedic themes, boss fights and other stuff.   By the way, I decided to play through the game with unlimited continues on since I am not ready to do the game under the other mode yet.  So far, my favorite game in the series is probably Metal Slug 3.  That one is epic.  I got the game for the playstation 2 by the way.

Tips and tricks in the metal slug series:
- consider doing the game 2 player.  The games get progressively harder as you play through them (especially on the final mission) and playing the game on "2 player mode" can make things a little easier for you.
- If it is your first time through or you are a casual gamer, you might want to consider leaving "unlimited continues" on.  A nice thing about Metal Slug Anthology is that not only can you adjust the difficulty level, you can also decide whether you want unlimited continues or limited continues.  Obviously, if you find the game to be too easy, you can always turn off unlimited contines (it is on by default by the way) for a little challenge.  Otherwise, if you find yourself dying alot (especially in the later missions), unlimited continues can be good to have, especially if you are the type that is likely to break your favorite controller when you get game over.
- Be sure to use your grenades and bombs when you are in hairy situations as well as when going up against tough enemies (like boss fights, aliens, tanks, etc).
- be sure to take advantage of the vehicles you can use in the games as they not only give you more fire power, but you can avoid dying as long as you have them. 
- When using the vehicles in the game, if you encounter situations where you are likely to lose them, you can always get out of the vehicle and fight the enemies that way.

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