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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top ten funny things you can do on Red Dead Redemption

In case if you don't know, I've been doing a replay through Red Dead Redemption, this time as an outlaw (the first time through John Marston was more of a good guy), and I have found some pretty funny stuff you can do.  By the way, I shared some youtube videos about people doing these funny stuff.  I hope you like the twisted humor in this blog post.

1. Robbing random people.  If you want extra money in the game and want to cause some trouble, you can always use your weapons (like your pistol) to try and extort money from unsuspecting citizens. Of course, some citizens will try to resist and may even report you to law officrs.

2.  Bribing people - sometimes when John Marston commits crimes, not only can he bribe witnesses, but he can also bribe the police officers, which can allow John to get away with a good multitude of crimes.  Of course, it does take a good toll on his honor ratings.

3) Fighting hordes of cougars -  If you have been playing in the multiplayer mode, I found a glitch in Tall Trees where if you go near a cabin, your guy will be attacked by packs of hungry cougers, and one hit can prove to be fatal for John Marston.  Also, whenever you set up bait to try and catch random animals, sometimes cougars will come out and attack you.  Pretty funny.

4) Going on an arson spree.  While John is on the Mexico missions, he acquires motogav cocktails that he can through and cause fires.  Nothing is funnier than going through towns in the game, throwing the motogov cocktails at random places and having the villiagers going screaming.  It is also funny when that move backfires too as you hear John screaming whenever he gets hit by the fires he starts.

5) Playing with dynamite.  You can also get dynamite on the Mexico missions as well, and it is all to tempting to throw them at random people or even cook the dynamites (where they explode in John Martson's hand) if you are trigger happy.

6) Kidnapping people and running around with them.  When John Marston acquires the lasso, he can hogtie random people and do as he pleases.  Of course, if you do that move in towns, cops are bound to come after John.  By the way, you can always execute your victims too (by the way, if they get hit by trains, you get the "dastardly" achievement).

7) Jumping off cliffs.  Nothing is funnier than having John Marston jump off a huge cliff out in the middle of the desert.  By the way, John can't swim, so if he goes in the water, he is toast.

8) Suicide by wolves.  Perhaps the most annoying animal enemies in the game are wolves.  They like to chase after you in packs and bark.  Of course, they can easily be killed by a shooting them with bullets.  Of course, if you want to be funny, you can let John Marston become a martyr.

9) Trying to cheat at poker.  Yes, if you have the "elegant suit" you can try to cheat at poker.  Of course, more often than not, your fellow poker players will catch you cheating and challenge you to a duell.  Win the duell, you cna loot him/her and lose some honor points. Of course, if you lose, it's game over.

10) Going on rampages.  Want to make things interesting?  You can always pull out your trusty gun and start shooting at random people, animals, etc.  Of course, your wanted meter is bound to go up, leading you into countless battles with cops, marshalls, etc and they do get tougher as your bounty goes up.  By the way, you can always surrender and watch John spend a few nights in jail (pretty funny).
 Have you had any funny moments in Red Dead Redemption?

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