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Friday, April 1, 2011

Metroid Prime Corruption Trailer and Commentary

Metroid Prime Corruption Trailer and Commentary

Hey everybody, just fyi, I got the Wii back a few months ago and finished playing through Metroid Prime 2 (beat the final bosses on Monday) and started a game on Metroid Corruption.  Here is a short trailer of the game I found on youtube you might like.

Information about the game

I started playing through Metroid Prime Corruption on Tuesday and find it pretty interesting.  The game takes place sometime after the events of Metroid Prime 2 and Samus joins forces with the Federation to take on the latest threats posed by the space pirates and other hostiles (don't know the full synopsis yet, but will share more info as I play through the game).  The game is definitely a bit different from the first two Metroid Prime games since 1) you now play on multiple worlds as opposed to 1 world as is the case in the first 2 games, 2) there are more cut scence and there is voice acting, 3) there are more things you can do with your ship (in the first two games, you won't really need the ship until the end of the game, but in Metroid Prime 3, you will be doing more traveling with it, and plus you do get to see the cockpit of the ship), as well as plenty of other stuff.  You also get to encounter some old foes as well, such as Meta Ridley as well as Dark Samus again.  I will plan on sharing more about this game as I get further into the game. 

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