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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GoldenEye: 007 - Weapons, Choices, Villains

Watch a commentary about the New Golden Eye 007 game, posted by IGN.


It appears this game will be the official remake for the popular Golden Eye game from the Nintendo 64 with some completely new elements, such as the current Bond (Daniel Craig). This game could become a potiential rival to games like Modern Warfare 2, Halo Reach, etc.

Just added a new Xbox 360 game reviews blog on my website

picture of my blog
Just fyi, for now on whenever I post game reviews about Xbox 360 and Xbox games, they will go on my new game reviews blog.  It used to be that I would post game reviews either on this blog, hub pages, or squidoo, but now that I have an official reviews blog, they will be posted on my game reviews blog.  For the first game review, I posted a review about the game, Call of Juarez.

You can check out my new blog at:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Nintendo Wii?

Just thinking about video games, here is a funny video I saw on youtube.

Thinking about creating an evil character in Mass Effect

As you may know by now, I have just hit a snag on my progress in Mass Effect 2 since my brother loaned it to a friend (just finished disk one around the time that happened) and so it might be a while before i can finish that game (though if I get the extra money, I might get a new one).  Anyways, I am thinking about playing through the games a second time through and this time make a 100% renegade (or evil character).  On the first time through, I ended up creating a Han Solo type (someone that is in between paragon and renegade), but now I am thinking about making a renegade character.

What do you all think of that?